How to discover your life’s purpose


Today I got thinking about how some people struggle so much in their respective endeavor/career and then I said to myself, maybe such people are actually in the wrong career/field/endeavor or probably they have not found their life’s purpose yet. Nothing brings satisfaction than finding fulfillment in one’s chosen path or field.Here are few questions to ask yourself in order to know if you are just living and working or you are actually fulfilling your purpose.

  1. Do you derive so much happiness in your career? Happiness in one’s chosen field is definitely a sign of satisfaction and fulfillment, so the next time you are going to work/at work/leaving work,assess your emotions and see if you are out-rightly happy or extremely sad.
  2. Do you do that work effortlessly? By this I do not disregard the fact that some types of jobs are quite stressful but Irrespective of how tedious that job/career/field may seem,do you do it with ease or with so much struggles.
  3. Do you impact other people? If you feel your type of job doesn’t give you the opportunity to influence lives positively, then maybe you are in the wrong path. Don’t get me wrong, you do not have to be a preacher,celebrity,public speaker, or a public figure to motivate and impact lives. In your own little capacity, does your job allow you to be a positive influence whether passively or actively.
  4. Do you feel restricted or isolated doing your job? The same career path/project/field that makes some people feel caged and unheard allows other people to be heard and of course explore greater platforms. If you feel the former is your own case, maybe that’s actually not your purpose.
  5. Can you do that job cheerfully even without being paid for your service? If you can render that same service or do that business joyfully even without being paid or making profit, that’s a sign that the business/career/project is actually your life’s purpose.
  6. What is that ‘thing’ that gives you sleepless nights? If there is a particular problem or challenge that makes you worry a lot or perhaps makes you cry and feel pressured to find a solution,that may just be your life’s purpose.Such feelings do not die and chasing those kinds of dreams or finding solutions to such problems definitely yields a lot of fulfillment and satisfaction.

I want to challenge you to look inwards, study your life. If you can honestly answer the above stated questions,discovering your life’s purpose will be much easier.


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